Seed Biotechnology Center Courses

The Seed Biotechnology Center (SBC) at UC Davis offers professional education courses for industry members and growers around the world. The mission of the SBC is to mobilize the research, educational and outreach resources of UC Davis in partnership with the seed and biotechnology industries to facilitate discovery and commercialization of new seed technologies for agricultural and consumer benefit. The technical nature of plant breeding and seed production requires a highly educated workforce. A key goal of the SBC has been to provide ongoing education for professionals in the seed industry. A full list of courses can be found here.

Breeding with Genomics

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The SBC is hosting its 7th Breeding with Genomics class on February 16-18, 2016.

This course is offered in alternate years (even numbered) as a two-day course providing information on how to incorporate molecular markers into a plant breeding program.

Plant Breeding Academy

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UC Davis Plant Breeding Academy Class 6 is here! Classes will be held in Davis and start in September 2016! Discount available for registrations before March 31, 2016.

The module is designed to review the breeding strategies in context of modern tools, build the necessary background towards understanding and practical application of BLUPs, genomic selection, with lectures and discussion.The Academy is a professional development course designed by the UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center to increase the supply of professional plant breeders.

For those experienced plant breeders already in the field, we also offer a Plant Breeding Advanced Module.

Seed Business 101

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Seed Business 101 – The goal of Seed Business 101 is to enhance each participant’s career performance and help them avoid costly mistakes. The course is designed to focus on the optimum operations of the five major functional areas of a seed company. The course offers participants a broad understanding of the major aspects of a seed company’s operations and a cross-departmental knowledge of best practices for profitability.

Upcoming courses:

  • Seed Business 101 – Horticulture in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Feb 22-26, 2016)
  • Seed Business 101 – Field Crops, Durham, North Carolina (September 12-16, 2016)
  • Seed Business 101 – Horticulture in Davis, California (December 5-9, 2016)

Seed Production

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The SBC is pleased to offer a new advanced course on Seed Production. Course will be held February 2-6, 2016, Davis, California.

This course focuses on the biological, genetic, agronomic and technological processes and practices involved in the production and processing of agricultural seeds and how they influence seed quality. The course will also cover the post-harvest conditioning processes and seed technology treatments that can enhance seed quality.

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Program Management for Plant Breeders – Managing plant breeding and laboratory programs are becoming increasingly complex. This course is designed to enhance management skills of plant breeders and technical leads. Professionals directing these programs in agricultural research, in agribusiness development and those from the public sector will benefit from attending this course.

Seed Biology, Production and Quality

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Seed Biology, Production and Quality – this course is offered in alternate years (odd numbered) as a two and a half-day course for both beginning and experienced seed professionals.