Pepper Breeding Press Coverage

Below are press mentions covering our pepper breeding program’s achievements. HortiBiz Press Release – A cross between bell pepper and jalapeño UCD Outlook Magazine – Students Breeding a Better Organic Popper Pepper

Our College is Cool! [CAES Video]

Take a look at the depth and breadth of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, a global leader in research that offers stellar academics to an active, diverse student community. See what CA&ES has to offer and hear from the dean, faculty, and students!

What is Plant Breeding? [Video]

“How to Breed Plants, As told by Students” is one of many 4-6 minute short films funded by the UC Global Food Initiative (GFI) to teach the public and the UC community about sustainable agriculture.

UC Davis Plant Breeding Symposium

The student-organized UC Davis Plant Breeding Symposium is an annual event that brings together researchers in academia, industry, and the non-profit sector to discuss the latest advances in the field of plant breeding. This year’s theme is “Breeding for Stress Resilience”, and we have invited speakers from around the world to present on this highly relevant and important topic.