About the Plant Breeding Center

The Plant Breeding Center at UC Davis coordinates and expands plant breeding teaching and research on campus. We are focused on training students to be well rounded, with experience in field-based breeding evaluation and technique, supplemented with understanding of and facility with modern genomics and phenotyping technologies. Our purview covers all crops grown in California and beyond, from nut and fruit trees to vegetable and agronomic crops, including both seed propagated and clonal species.

Currently, the PBC is working with the Graduate Group in Horticulture and Agronomy (GGHA) to develop a clear plant breeding coursework track and is currently devising a Graduate Academic Certificate in Plant Breeding. We plan seminars and field trips to supplement plant breeding coursework by giving students real-world examples of the types of work available in both public and private sectors. We also seek funding to expand field-based plant breeding education and prepare graduate students for employment.