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Charlie Brummer

1234 Plant and Environmental
Sciences Building
Phone: 530-574-6133


Dr. Brummer's research program focuses on developing cultivars and germplasm of alfalfa and other crops for forage and bioenergy uses. His research has focused primarily on investigating ways to improve biomass yield, from traditional breeding method enhancements to the use of molecular markers. His current research projects include improving yield through the use of high density, genome-wide SNP markers to implement genomic selection. He is also using QTL mapping to understand the causes of autumn-induced dormancy, so that additional fall yield can be produced without sacrificing needed levels of winter hardiness. In addition to yield, selecting alfalfa for adaptation to heat, drought, and salinity are components of his program.

Associate Director: ALLEN VAN DEYNZE


Allen Van Deynze

Plant Reproductive Biology, Room 1103
Phone: 530-754-6444

Fax: 530-754-7222

Dr. Allen Van Deynze is the Director of Research at the Seed Biotechnology Center and Associate Director of the Plant Breeding Center at University of California, Davis. He has a Ph.D in plant breeding from University of Guelph, Canada. As part of the SBC’s mission to serve as a liaison between public institutions and seed industry, Allen is responsible for developing, coordinating and conducting research and generating and disseminating scientific and informational content for the Seed Biotechnology Center’s and Plant Breeding Center’s educational and outreach programs. His research focuses on developing and integrating genomics into plant breeding of California crops. He has programs on breeding for disease resistance and quality in pepper and spinach, and development and application of genomics in crops. With Dr. Kent Bradford he co-developed and is organizer for the Plant Breeding Academysm and past chair of the US Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee. He has been involved in International and National policy including US Regulations for Biotechnology. He is an instructor for the African Plant Breeding Academy and scientific co-leader for the African Orphan Crops Consortium.

Program Manager: AMANDA SAICHAIE


Amanda Saichaie1112 Plant Reproductive Biology, Mail Stop 5
Extension Center Drive
Phone: 530-752-2159

Fax: 530-752-2278

Amanda works with faculty and graduate students to develop the Plant Breeding program. Currently she is working with faculty and students to coordinate the development of the core curriculum for the Graduate Academic Certificate and build a strong cohort structure for incoming students. She manages communications, graphic design, events, and website and social media presence for the Plant Breeding Center. Future plans involve greater outreach and establishing the Plant Breeding Center at UC Davis as a destination for life-long learning opportunities.