Affiliated Programs




UC Davis Genome Center

Established through a major campus-wide initiative in genomics, the UC Davis Genome Center is part of a broad campus commitment to build on existing strengths in the life sciences while establishing an internationally recognized program in genomics research.  Housed in the new Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility on campus, the center provides research space and administrative support for 17 new faculty research programs in genomics, bioinformatics, and computational biology. In addition, over 40 faculty actively involved in genomics research across campus are Associate Members of the center.

The Genome Center also houses five technology core facilities for high throughput biology whose services are available to enable research at UC Davis and outside academic and industrial partners. These established core facilities provide services at cost and on as needed basis for genotyping, transcriptional profiling, mass spectrometry, and bioinformatics.




UC Davis Foundation Plant Services

The Foundation Plant Services (FPS) is a self-supporting service department in the College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences at the University of California, Davis which produces, tests, maintains and distributes premium foundation-level virus & disease-tested plant materials for use by California nurseries.





UC Davis Foundation Seed Program

Created in 1937, the Foundation Seed Program (FSP) is a self-supporting, on-campus service unit within the College of Agriculture and Environmental Science whose mandate is threefold:

  1. To grow, increase, and maintain seed of cultivars developed by UC and other public breeders;
  2. To maintain the genetic purity of these cultivars;
  3. To insure that certified seed of these cultivars is continuously available to the public.

The FSP seed conditioning facility, specifically designed for handling high quality, low volume seed stocks, is a CCIA approved conditioning facility, a CCOF certified organic processing facility, and is capable of custom conditioning on a contract basis.





UC Davis Research and Information Center (RICs)

The RICs serve as a focal point for interaction between commodity industries and the research and educational resources of the University of California. They collaborate with researchers and help distribute knowledge for the benefit of agriculture and for the preservation of natural resources. The RICs disseminate information relevant to consumers, growers and processors.





UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center

The UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center is a focal point for interaction between the seed industry and the research and educational resources of the university. The center coordinates research to address problems of interest to the seed industry and provides continuing education in seed biology and technology (see, for example, the Plant Breeding Academy). Its mission is to mobilize the research, educational, and outreach resources of the University of California, in partnership with the seed and plant biotechnology industries, to facilitate discovery and commercialization of new seed technologies for agricultural and consumer benefit.





National Association of Plant Breeders

The NAPB is the culmination of a grass roots effort by plant breeders from around the USA to engender support for the work of plant breeders and to raise public awareness for the important work of plant breeders.

The association has a diverse membership of public and private sector scientists working to improve a wide variety of plants and graduate students working towards advanced degrees in plant breeding.





Seed Central

The purpose of Seed Central is to energize the seed industry cluster surrounding UC Davis and to contribute to the economic development in the region and beyond. Seed Central facilitates communication & research collaboration between the seed industry and UC Davis in order to bring science to market faster. Established in 2010, Seed Central is an initiative of the Seed Biotechnology Center at UC Davis and SeedQuest, joined by a growing number of companies and organizations in the global seed and food industry.







SeedQuest is a central information website for global seed professionals.