History of Plant Breeding at UC Davis

"Summarizing 100 years of history in plant breeding at UC Davis is a formidable task. As a land-grant university, UC Davis has played a major role in developing and managing many of the more than 350 plant commodities now grown in California. The diversity of crops ranges across vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, forages, ornamentals and turf. In the early 1900s the focus was on a few grain crops, and has expanded considerably since that time. The application of plant breeding and training of breeders at UC Davis focused on the unique and diverse California environment, allowing not only California, but the United States and in many cases the world, to enjoy fresh produce throughout the year. This publication captures the impact that UC Davis has had on developing crops through plant breeding over the last century and just as importantly, highlights the people who have made this possible. Read more..."

UC Davis Varieties

Learn more about UC Davis cultivar and breeder names, years of release, and further descriptions.

Career Resources

Learn about on-campus resources, like GradPathways graduate student development, the difference between Public and Private sector jobs in Plant Breeding, Career Symposia, and the Graduate Student Association.

Grants and Opportunities

Learn more about the Plant Breeding Center's grants, and the student opportunities provided by them.

Affiliated Programs

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