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Becas en Ciencias de las Plantas

El Departamento de Ciencias de las Plantas tiene fondos de becas para 3 estudiantes universitarios de primer ingreso y 4 estudiantes transferidos que estén cursando una licenciatura en Ciencias de las Plantas. El Programa de Becarios Multiculturales (MSP) ofrece programas dinámicos en Ciencias de las Plantas, centrándose en diversas plantas con la capacidad de resolver los desafíos globales más apremiantes. Los becarios MSP de primer ingreso recibirán $ 9,000 cada año académico por un total de 4 años.

PBC January 2022 Newsletter

This month we meet Graduate Student Marie Klein, and Dr. Nestor Kippes releases an open access article on his work breeding mint oil. Both Dr. Charlie Brummer and Dr. Allen Van Deynze have interviews with Ag Alert regarding their work in spinach breeding and pepper breeding, respectively. Read more...

Seed World Interviews Allen Van Deynze and Chandler Levinson

from Seed World

Get Involved in Mentoring the Next Generation of Plant Breeders

If Allen Van Deynze has one major challenge in his job, it’s feeding the pipeline with young, ambitious plant breeders.

Mechanical harvesting may be future for peppers

The original article was published by Ag Alert here. It is cross-posted with permission to our website.

"Labor shortages are driving mechanization in agriculture. For many commodities, it is mechanize or struggle to remain in business, and peppers are approaching that point.

Leafy greens studies seek to ward off mildew threats

The original article may be found on Ag Alert here. It is cross-posted with permission to our website. 

"Downy mildew is a primary disease problem for organic and conventional spinach growers in California.

While those growers turn to cultural management practices or chemical applications to protect their crops, researchers are looking for resistant varieties to ward off the disease.

September 2021 Newsletter

This month we welcome students back to in-person classes on campus. Our featured graduate student is Matt Francis, and the PBC and SBC collaborate to bring students and post-docs another round of iConnect sessions to network with industry. 

Read the newsletter here!

National Needs Fellowship in Plant Breeding

National Needs Fellowship in Plant Breeding 2021-22

The University of California, Davis received funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) for a National Needs Graduate Fellowship (NNF) grant to fully support two Masters-level Graduate Research Assistantships in Plant Breeding.